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The New Bracelet

The Lillian

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'The Lillian' Cuff (Custom)
A Graved Design with Silver Moon    
Part #  brc082705

'The Lillian' Cuff - is a pure copper 5/8 inch wide cuff. It features a sterling silver moon which is set as a rivet. 'The Lillian' cuff, pictured here, was crafted with 4 Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets which are placed to align with the Heart and Lung Meridians.

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Pure Copper and Sterling Silver
#brc082705 -

2 Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets Add- $30.00

4 Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets Add- $55.00



Titanium Necklace

Colored through a highly controlled oxydation process.


This very stunning twenty inch necklace
is made up of 155 individually made and colored beads.
It is strung on a 49 strand cable to allow maximum flexibility and natural lay.

Titanium Colored Necklace (#155-Ti) $525.00

Titanium is a metalic element, symbol Ti and a specific gravity of 4.5.

First discovered as an element in a black magnetic sand at Menachin, Cornwell, England in 1791. It is an abundant element but is often considered a rare metal due to it's difficulty and expense of separation.

It has a strong affinity to oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. The pure metal has a silvery white color and is extrtemely hard. It can be forged when red hot, but when heated to 600°C, in the presence of oxygen, it burns to titanic oxyde.

The Coloring Process I employ, yelds a very controlled and uniform titanium oxide coating. Titanium oxide is harder than titanium itself and is actually clear. It has no color of it's own. The colors that appears is due to the refraction of light through this very thin clear coating of titanium oxide.




Pure copper bracelet with Emerald and magnets
Pure Copper Bracelet with Emerald and Magnets

Classic stype copper bracelet  Wave style copper bracelet
CLASSIC                                               WAVE

Twist style copper bracelet


Fun Stuff

Jewelry, Hand Forged on Railroad Spikes
46_22.jpg (25806 bytes)
Photo by Morgen Nilsson

Forging is the process of shaping metals by means of repeated sharp blows with hammers or other tools.  Hot Forging is done while the metal is from white to red hot and most malleable and plastic in nature.  Forging is also done after the metal has been annealed and cooled.  This is known as Cold Forging

The forging of Precious metals is not a very common form of jewelry making today, though the process has a history that goes back to at least 5500 B.C., when the Egyptians are known to have used forging to make copper and bronze tools.  My forging only goes back about 25 years and is done on highly polished railroad spikes that I have worked into shapes that lend themselves to the shapes I pursue in my jewelry.  


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