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Discover Your Destiny
An Interactive Guide to the Destiny Cards
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Shareware version available for
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Features Include

  1. Look up any card and it's meaning.
  2. Find anyone's Birth Card and what it means.
  3. Enter person's name at the top of the page (or any title you wish).
  4. Print any page individually (with or without person's name at the top) for yourself, your friends, family, business associates or anyone with a birthday : )
  5. Find anyone's Karma Cards and what they mean.
  6. Find what other birthdays share your Karma Cards.
  7. Find what other birthdays share your Birth Card.
  8. Works On or Off-line.
  9. Compare Birth Card descriptions for compatability with loved ones, friends, or associates.
  10. An excellent study guide and companion to the book Destiny Cards by Robert Camp and the book Love Cards by Robert Camp.
  11. Fits on a floppy disk
  12. Free updates as new features are added.
  13. Find out who are your Past Life Cards.
  14. A complete explanation of the Destiny Card system and much more.

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