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Problem: The present form of irrigation device used to maintain the chamber in eye surgery is difficult to insert (screws in) and difficult to remove (unscrews). In addition, the time and technique involved in the insertion and removal process increases trauma recovery time to the patient.

Solution: The BCM-2C

Ophthalmic Surgical Device

Brierley Chamber Maintainer

The BCM-2C features an oval shaped tip with three single direction fins on its anterior and posterior surfaces. When inserted, the fins securely engage the corneal stroma, preventing the tip from becoming dislodged. To withdraw, the BCM-2C is simply rotated 90° to disengage the fins and retract. In addition, the flared area just after the fins serves to seal the incision and limit advancement into the anterior chamber. The combination of these features, along with the high flow capability (over 100cc/min.), provides excellent globe pressurization with minimal wound leakage.

Made from medical grade titanium and colored using a controled titanium oxide process designed and developed by Isidro Nilsson.

Designed by: Isidro Nilsson, Nilsson Technologies, Inc. of Tulalip, WA, USA
and Lawrence Brierley M.D., of Victoria, BC, Canada.




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