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The Energy-Ring

can be ordered in
Copper, Sterling Silver, and 14K Gold.
To assure a proper fit,
Please indicate the size of each ring ordered in
full sizes between 4 and 10.
Other sizes are available.

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Copper, # 100:  $38.00

Sterling Silver, # 200:  $48.00

14K Yellow Gold, # 300:  $326.00

The New Double Energy-Ring

Copper, # 100:  $72.00

Sterling Silver, # 200:  $90.00

14K Yellow Gold, # 300:  $620.00



Titanium Necklace

Colored through a highly controlled oxydation process.


This very stunning twenty inch necklace
is made up of 155 individually made and colored beads.
It is strung on a 49 strand cable to allow maximum flexibility and natural lay.

Titanium Colored Necklace (#155-Ti) $525.00

Titanium is a metalic element, symbol Ti and a specific gravity of 4.5.

First discovered as an element in a black magnetic sand at Menachin, Cornwell, England in 1791. It is an abundant element but is often considered a rare metal due to it's difficulty and expense of separation.

It has a strong affinity to oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. The pure metal has a silvery white color and is extrtemely hard. It can be forged when red hot, but when heated to 600°C, in the presence of oxygen, it burns to titanic oxyde.

The Coloring Process I employ, yelds a very controlled and uniform titanium oxide coating. Titanium oxide is harder than titanium itself and is actually clear. It has no color of it's own. The colors that appears is due to the refraction of light through this very thin clear coating of titanium oxide.


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The New Bracelet

Overlay Designs

Design pierced on copper, and overlayed on copper
with a sterling silver moon.
3/4 inch wide cuff (#cucu-moon) $149.00

Above style with magnets(#cucu-moon-mag) $189.00

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Also available with copper and silver combinations
Ask for info from Isidro ~

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20546_15.jpg (16031 bytes)   The Energy Ring can be set
with natural stones at the tips
(2 stones/ring) for an additional
$118.  All Stones are natural and
combinations are OK.

Suggest a stone if you don't see what you want.
E-Mail Size and Stone Selection to:

To Order

Img03a.jpg (26983 bytes) Classic Style Bracelet
Copper, # 101

Sterling Silver, # 201$58.00
14K Gold, # 301
$2040.00 Inquire
E-Mail Size to:


Img03a.jpg (26983 bytes)Baby Classic Style Bracelet
Copper, # 101-B

Sterling Silver, # 201-B:  $42.95
14K Gold, # 301-B
$435.00 Inquire
E-Mail Size to:


Img03a.jpg (26983 bytes) Img03a.jpg (26983 bytes)
Classic & Baby Classic Bracelet Set
Copper, # 101-BC$65.00

Sterling Silver, # 201-BC$92.00
14K Gold, # 301-BCInquire

A wonderful gift for the expectant
mother or that special newborn in your life.
It is not gender specific and will last many generations.

E-Mail Sizes to:

Img05a.jpg Wave Style Bracelet
Copper, # 105

Sterling Silver, # 205$49.95
14K Gold, # 305
E-Mail Size to:


Img02a.jpg (24675 bytes)Twist Style Bracelet
Copper, # 103

Sterling Silver, # 203$49.95
14K Gold, # 303
E-Mail Size to:


Cuff Style Bracelet
Copper, # 109

Sterling Silver, # 209$48.00
14K Gold, # 309
E-Mail Size to:



See also The
Magnetic Bracelets at


We use a Secure Site (SSL) to Process Your
Master Card and Visa orders
After you make your selection on the order form,
you will be taken to a secure site to review the
form and enter your credit card informatin.

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Sizing for a Proper Fit

1.  Bracelet Size: To determine the size needed, measure the wrist and see the chart below. Here is a good way to measure the wrist. Cut a strip of paper about 10 inches long and tape it around the wrist. Now cut the paper off and measure the length. This will give a good estimate of the circumference of the wrist to compare with the chart below. If you provide me with the actual measurement of the wrist, I can make you a bracelet that will fit you just right.  To send me the size in inches, Click Here.

Circumference in inches

Small:  5 1/2 to 6 1/2 inches
Medium:  6 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches
Large:  7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches

2.  Ring Size:  If you are not sure what size ring or rings you require, you can visit a local jewelry store and be measured.  A note of interest.  Some have purchased the Energy Rings to be worn between the first and second knuckle of the desired fingers rather than, or in conjunction with, at the base of the finger. 

3.  Metal:  Copper, Sterling Silver, or 14K Gold.  When you order any item in Gold, You will be advised of any changes in price, due to market fluctuations, prior to shipment.  They may actually be less than indicated here. 

4.  Shipping: At the present time, all shipping within the Continental U.S. is $7.00 per order in copper or Sterling Silver.   For Gold items, the shipping charge will vary ( insurance you know).

5.  Payment:  To place an order with Master Card or Visa using our secure shopping cart, Click on item price.   If you prefer to make payment by check or money order, please send order along with payment to:

Isidro Nilsson
Nilsson Technologies, Inc.
PMB 268,  Suite - I
1242 State Ave.
Marysville, WA  98270 

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For any additional information, comments or feedback, please write to me at the address above or e-mail.


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